Who Is The Scholar ?

His last day on earth had begun. He knew it, but it didn't touch him. He was composed and ready. One last time before he died he wanted to go through his house and view his life's work. He walked slowly from room to room and looked over the large book shelves, in which he kept his findings ordered thematically. Finally, he went to his favorite place. His large library.

The room was the largest in the house and while his wife had been there, there were many years of argument about why he claimed the largest room for himself. Why he ever spent so much time here. He walked through the room, here and there he put his hand on the spine of a book and remembered gratefully of hours of happiness, which he experienced among his books, which brought him new insights. He was ready. He had answered all the questions.

Randomly dropped his gaze on a black shelf, above left. There was a gap in the series. Involuntarily he accelerated his steps. Damned - The sweat began to pour. Here were books missing. These are the questions he had yet not asked - overlooked. With trembling hands, he grabbed the first book to read the subject.

The sense of erudition? All the years he had sought, collected, fathomed. One question led to another, but why? Why.

He sat down and explored his mind. The death sat down next to him and put him a friendly hand on the shoulder. "Well, guess what comes next?"

The scientist shook his head. "No, why all this?. I am not yet ready "

The death smiled and floated away.

The scholar is a collector. He is in balance if he can gather knowledge. Now the passion to collect knowledge may take on the form of an obsession. He may estimate the needs of other people low. The scholars are friendly and open to all people who are also looking for knowledge, because between them them he is in his element, but he is able to neglect the ones he loves.

His search keeps him healthy and keeps the death away. In his vicinity ill people can heal, therefore the scholar is a natural talent in healing. For him it is difficult to part his love for knowledge acquisition with love for other people and it is possible that others will leave him who are looking for human closeness.

Sometimes, he is arrogant and cynical, especially when his remarks betray boredom of the human nature and his suffering from the stupidity of people. The remarks never include his dialog partners. They are meant as an invitation for the joint search of nothing less than the philosophers stone, in what areas it may be.

His values and his quest is often dedicated to higher spheres to noble to exist on the ground and with a high demand on the world - suitable for the search for knowledge and a hindrance in dealing with the real world.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Learning is subtle matter
Which has to finally
Empty itself into
The ocean of Consciousness
The melting pot of all
Actions, words, emotions and life
- Swahilya.

(Have heeded to your request and posted a picture of the Himalayas too on Between the Lines. Today, this appeared in The Hindu http://www.hindu.com/mp/2008/03/31/stories/2008033150230300.htm)

A.V.C. said...

If the scholar stays in the prison of reason, this fate is awaiting him for sure.

But if he is willing to transcend these limitations, there is a bridge of many colours that he may cross.

A bridge that leads to the Great Gate of the City of the Pyramids.

I really liked that story - thank you!

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear swahilya,

thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts in form of a poem and your link.

Dear a.v.c. thank you for your positive feedback and your lively image.

Mark said...

This is great, much to consider and think about! Thanks for this!