A Friend tells

A friend told me.

"For 13 years, I have been made no progress. I heard all the stories of the others with envious feelings. Everybody had something to report. One was using his dream-body on a regular basis. Another one could see energy bodies so that he was capable of precise and accurate healing. A third one needed to take a plant only in the hands and he knew for which end it was good. I sat alongside and I could tell nothing.

What was my lacking , I thought again. Where is my spiritual experience and in the end, perhaps all is just a big Hocus Pocus. The doubts gnawed on my soul from the inside. I was looking for traces of treacherous deeds. How did these people perform their tricks?

Then one day I was on my way to shopping and had taken the car. The car broke. Far and wide there was nobody to see, because I had taken a shortcut and I now I had to go to the next phone through a little wood.

I went a little way through the thicket and found myself on a paved road. I saw a man in a frock. Funny, what do monks here I asked myself? When we went past each other, the man stopped and lifted his face. What I saw was not a human face. It was a bright amorphous mass, and the sight paralyzed me. Such a thing could not happen, I thought desperately, and then I grabbed the monk.

The moment when I grabbed him, I heard a loud scream and the alleged monk transformed himself into a normal walker. I let him go and mumbled an apology. But I hardly had released him, the man transformed back in a monk with a frock and bright jellyfish face.

I woke up, I had only dreamed of shopping. The next day I had a car accident on the way to shopping and met this man, whom I previously had seen in a dream. I went up to him and touched him hoping that perhaps a transformation might occur. But the man remained the same.

Since that night, I dream regularly of the monk and I find the places where he is staying. Gradually, I learned to recognize the meaning of why he stays there, but that is another story. People with the talent to dream places of the physical world more often need time to develop their skills, but they affect the physical world. "


A.V.C. said...

Good story.

Also in spiritual matters, we tend to look to others to confirm our success.

When we do, we should perhaps remind ourselves that we still have a long way to go, before we are ready to let go of our ego.

Persistence! :-)

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Spirituality has got nothing to do with seeing visions, but living life fully. It is in fact, very normal and ordinary. The aura of speciality is created by people who actually like to feel separate and different from the others. Oneness is spirituality. Difference of abilities, skills and visions falls in the realm of matter only.

Mark said...

Ahh, how very beautiful, what you have developed and found. I look forward to hearing more about this knowing that you have.

Ray Gratzner said...

@a.v.c.: Dear a.v.c. Thank you for your encouraging comment. Persistence is important.

@swahilya shambhavi: Dear swahilya, thank you for stressing the Oneness. Men are often problem solver and tend to look at spirtual ways in terms of tools and efficiency.

@mark: Dear mark, I am glad it is interesting for you.