In The Mood For Meditation

People have their habits and love them. One habit is to feel secure. The reason explains to me in an infinite monologue, why he thinks I am doing the right things and why it is safe.

This may be valid for everyday life. But if I want to gather strength in order to leave my routines in my meditations behind. If I want the spirit let go, maybe performing a small leap, then I shouldn't take the feeling that everything is well-regulated into the meditation. We can use everyday life to build up a mood that is both fit for everyday life and give us the best of all possible springboards to let the spirit leap - leaping into the unknown.

I woke up
I saw nothing known
Astonished wandering

The sense of safety is the jail of fear, in which our parents put us, if we were lucky to have them.


Tania said...

So true, the fear of change or newness can paralyze us.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tania, thank you for your opinion.