Passing On With Common Sense

I have no to be a mystic in order to do myself a great favour. Many people suffer from stress. One goal is to achieve and usually the stress means that the time to achieve the goal is limited. Some people believe that humans are not capable of producing top-output without such a push.
There is another approach. If I do anything as it would be the last time in my life, then I am on a highway to maximum efforts. Unnecessary and distracting business is avoided, because there will be no second attempt and no refill. There is only this one moment and I am prepared best and the advantage is: I will get maximum benefits without the negative effects of stress. Because the drawing nigh of my end frees me internally, no negative energy can reach me.

Tip: Do everything as if it were the last time on earth and you have achieved more than decades of meditations or 'secret knowledge' could change you.


Mark said...

I appreciate the message of your thought, however the reality is that a person must live a balanced life, we must rest, we must have time to unwind and rejuvinate. To live every moment as if it was our last would in many ways create stress.
I understand that you mean to give everything we do our full attention and passion. This is true, we must be passionate about all that we do, even the time when we are doing nothing at all.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, thank you for your reply? As always, you are quite right. But why not rest, as if it were the last rest, why not rejuvinate as if we had only this one fragile moment?
It is another form of carpe diem and it may not suit everyone, but there are many other ways and when I read your blog, I Know you know many of them.

Liara Covert said...

It may appeal to live each moment as if it was your last. Many people think about it. Fewer talk about it. Even less people live this way.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, there are a thousand ways and more that will help us to step forward. One step in everyday life and one step in the second attention. Each step has different laws.