Death Is An Advisor

Well, the death is knocking every day on my door since I live and I don't know anyone for whom it would be otherwise and I know of no survivors.

I would not be so serious as e.g. Jean Paul in his"Speech of the dead Christ from the cross" but the death is a serious matter.

Through the centuries death has been a motivator to enlarge knowledge of the people. Mystic questions such as:
What follows after death?
Can I live forever?
How can I kill my enemies?
Can I know my time and place of death in advance while being alive?

Such questions occupy people. And who has not heard people exclaim in anger, I will kill this fellow? The Europeans have a long tradition of killing people for reasons of state or personal profit.

Now it is technically easy to kill people. An adult male produces 100 watts of energy and how much energy has each of us available everyday? Much more than that. Although the means and opportunities to kill are abundant in the Federal Republic of Germany there are approximately 2,000 people a year killed by a violent crime. The far greater part of the murderer are relatives and friends. Therefore I assume the the sole idea to murder is not matched to the same extent by murders.

What is it all about, when humans consume the death of other people or threaten some with death? It is about fear. Many people who have not faced death are afraid to die. Some people want to induce a change in behaviour by fear. The state, maintaining order with a monopoly of violence, requires that citizens would not want an armed conflict with him. For example, after the world wars, when the citizens experienced with weapons and combat came back from war, there were made concessions to the labourers, because they feared the authorities no longer and were difficult to control. The British got a welfare state. The Germans got the social market economy. In nowadays the suburbs in France get work programmes for young people after riots there.

But those are other issues. What can be learned from an esoteric view of the death, and above all, what can we learn from death? I would propose a technique where the seeker will be advised by death and guided in everyday life. The fear of death is a an inner choice. The seeker will not be turned in instead he will gain additional control of death.

Every human being has an energy field that can be perceived in the second attention. This energy field is roughly spoken the accumulator of the spirituality of the people. This accumulator has a rupture point, with which the human get in contact with the outside world. In this perception death is not a Grim Reaper. The death can be perceived as a mobile energy, that stresses the energy fields of the living creatures put them under a load of stress.

The comparison could be better, but who has not seen a video how mechanical devices are employed to test everyday objects to prove their longevity. The products are move until they get destroyed through movement.

In analogy, a well-maintained energy field resists more charges of the moving force, as a poorly-maintained energy field. The poorly maintained energy field flickers for a while, then the breaking point gives in and then dissolves. Is the energy field of people destroyed, the body has no chance of survival. He dies. Now the energy field can not only be destroyed from the outside, the man himself may weaken from the inside the field to an extent that a survival impossible. To prevent this, you will find exercises in this blog that strengthen the energy field from the inside.

Whenever a person's negative energy is directed to another person, he weakens his own energy field. This is one of the reasons why the Yogi teacher recommend their pupils purity on the way to meditation. Purity of the inner thoughts and feelings will protect the energy body against harm if the mobility of the energy body increases.

So much for theory. Now to the practice. How can death advise us? Our personal death will show us things. If you do this exercise while you are already suffering from a serious illness, then this exercise is no replacement by no means for the therapy of the medic. The findings which you will get out of this exercise should be each considered carefully and applied.

I prepare myself to a meditation exercise. I choose a topic in which I want my death as an advisor. For example, my boss has upbraided me and said that he will fire me. I feel threatened, what can I do?

Give yourself up to this nasty feeling. Imagine you got killed by your boss. Now you are lying dead on the ground. Do not be frightened by the idea, you would be dead for it has no negative consequences. You do not attract your death, no you will be advised by death.

See your dead body, and start with the pendulum breath. Imagine your breath going through your dead body in and out cleaning the body. Perform the exercise until your dead body comes back to life. With the pendulum breath the negative energies are set free as a result your energy body is strengthened. If you imagine your boss you might get an inkling what it means that his negative energy is returned to him. But that is his problem and you can tell why it is not worth to direct negative energies towards other people.

Usually, together with a knowledge of cleaning the motives or the feelings of these negative energies will be clear in your mind. Maybe you know now that your chief fear to lose control, or he is entangled in a sad conflict or nuisance .. Or ... That's OK. Don't worry, it is normal to get in meditation insights that couldn't being made in everyday situations. You can use you knowledge to steer the situation towards positive ends. The more often you perform this exercise, the more cleaner your energy body will become. And if you can do it, then the others might actually do it too. No, they can not, because they are not looking for it. It is an internal choice.

Return consciously back in everyday life. You can use this exercise to all the problems of your daily life. If this exercise will help you, I would be delighted if you might leave a comment here, to encourage other practitioner.


Cefilibe said...

Nice site! Greetings from Mexico! :)

Ray Gratzner said...

Hello cefilibe, thank you for visiting.

Liara Covert said...

Some people don't believe the spirit ever dies. Why nurture fear with the prospect of unlimited, exciting transformations ahead?

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Liara,

I didn't maintain that there is nothing leftover after you died. I focus on a practical meditation,a best-practice that will show people, how to evade negative energy. As a result you accumulate energy which allows you to step to further insights.