Inner Choice

Something, that every person can do, who wants to get in no contact with anything other than the everyday world is the following. He can make it clear that he decided consciously for the every-day world. Many people know that other people make mistakes, and that other people meander and they would never do the same.

Furthermore, they could always be aware of their decision, such as: I decided in favor for my everyday world because:

* I am where everything is known.

* I believe that i am among a community of righteous people.

* I am in harmony with the tradition of my family.

* Because I never want to end in a lunatic asylum.

* Or, or, or.

If I am aware of the everyday life and decide against other viewpoints, then the reasons are clear to me. As a byproduct, I can usually accept other people' s decision who chose deliberately a different world view. Only if I feel insecure about my position, I feel threatened through alien perspectives.

A bird who has the fear of flying, will perhaps join the ostriches.
A lion who becomes a vegetarian will perhaps graze with the antelope.
And a man with no fear of foreign viewpoints, can join all people. He lives in a rich world and is blessed. He knows that the world of people is a conscious inner choice.


Liara Covert said...

A person could decide he/she knows nothing and exists for the purpose of learning everything. Conscious and unconscious choices define us. To look within yourself for contentment means you're less likely to be vying with others for power and fame.

Merging Point said...

Fear and insecurity are the barriers to The Self. One who knows to be at home is at home with everyone and evrything. Just got to reach our own home, right within.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, what you said is true and I can hardly observe this contentment people among the people I meet.

Dear mergingpoint, you bring another notion that I like, to be at home within. I love that