Stone Age

"In the old days, that was a few thousand years ago, there was a saying. Beware to see the path in the woods. It meant when you have spent too much time on searching the path in the Stone Age , then you would have needlessly lost time because the path might be overgrown again, or could be lost. There lived so few people at the time that a small group always had to find their own way. What others had done, or are doing was less important . "

"In this day and age, the world of the second attention is similarly depopulated like the Earth at the time of the Stone Age. There is not the best way for all in the second attention, there is at best, the best way for you, or perhaps a group."

"But so many religions, there are so many wise people, why should the second attention be empty?"

"Because they all do what everybody does."


Liara Covert said...

To step back and realize what everyone else is doing is to realize that isn't you. This revelation enables you to raise awareness of different perspectives inside yoruself. You slowly discover the "me" (ego) perspective is different from another, outside perspective ("I") which discerns the bigger picture. Part of you wants things, control and possession. It resists change, and wishes you to stay in the inflexible mindset. Another part of you urges you to transform your view. Live the mystery.

A.V.C. said...

I think Liara is right.
There is one aspect pushing us, from below as it were, and one aspect pulling us in, from above.

Ray Gratzner said...

@ Dear liara: Thank you for showing me your application of your knowledge. I appreciate your views.

@ Dear a.v.c., thank you for commenting. What is the meaning of the directions below and above?

A.V.C. said...

The two perspectives: macro and micro if you will.

In the symbolism that I use, we talk about the star of five and the star of six, respectively.

My work is to bring these two together.