Three Times Four Metre

Yesterday, I have read a story about a bear. Living in a travelling circus he had to live on an area of three times four meters. The animal welfare noticed it and decided to take actions. They succeeded to buy the Bears freedom and they brought him in a zoo. He lived in a beautiful park with a lot of space, but he still moved only in an area three times four meters.

Whether such a story happened, I do not know. It depicts beautifully the power of habits. When I practised my evening meditation this story crossed my mind again and it reminded me of a feeling from my youth, when I shared a room with a brother. In this common room, I never felt really free, I could not unfold myself as it would be in a room of my own. The feeling was still there subliminally. I cleansed myself of this feeling. Thank you Bear story. You have helped me.

You don't run at three times by four meters through your life? No. Great.


A.V.C. said...

I think we do that all the time.

The walls are invisible, perhaps even non-existent. We just have to reach out to try to touch them, to find out that they are not real.

Great story.

Mark said...

This is a sad, yet great story which as you said clearly illustrates habits and self imposed limitations. We must learn to break through the limitations which we erect. THanks for sharing this story.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. invisible walls, that is an interesting picture. I like that.

Dear mark, thank you for encouraging me to break through limitations.