Dangerous being shy with strangers

When people feel threatened because other people look alien, speak a foreign language,or looking wild, then the feeling is based on the appearance of people and not based on a feeling of these people. There are people who believe that strange appearance of people entitles to violence against these people because there is only one kind of legitimate appearance, that of their own.

These people do not realize how much they themselves will alter in the course of their lives their appearance. Will there sometime violence against babies be allowed because they look so different, and we do not understand them? Or violence against old people, because they look so different, and we do not understand them?

No. Nature is based on diversity, on the interaction of different individual forms of life, which become a richer solution together.
Trees are living in community with micro-organisms in their roots. Ants have their greenfly-farms. When we breathe spent air it is wonderful for the plants. Diversity helps us, we have no right to act violently against the diversity. We only make ourselves poorer.

Recently my comment in a blog was censored because I wanted to point out the merits the Arabs have acquired for science in the Middle Ages. Names like alcohol, algebra and other let us recognize the Arab roots. Some people want to polarize and demonise diversity.It sometimes seems to be chic, to throw Arabs, Muslims and terrorists in a box where they do not belong together. Arabs and Muslims are highly respectable people like you and me and terrorists are terrorists, as they occur in each society and even we had them in Germany (Remember RAF ).

We need the diversity and peaceful coexistence, that will bring to all of us prosperity and knowledge.

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