Some people remind me of postmen. Yes, they are to me like postmen on their own behalf. They deliver their feelings to other people and do not worry about the sensitivities of the recipient, here the letterbox.

Some are so eager to deal with their feelings that they do not care about whether their mail is too large, the mailbox is already full, or whether the address at all is right. The main thing is away with it. Never mind, never care.

Such people, I say 'no I do not have time now. No, you have to keep your mail. "

Direct without further ado. Yet even then there are still people in whose concept of a talking letterbox does not occur and continue to deliver their own feelings.

For me the question "May I disturb?, Or do you have time?", is a matter of politeness. That, unfortunately, is not seen by everyone alike. What do you think? What motivates people who find these issues superfluous?

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