Feeling blue?

In my recommendation for today I address the sad. People who are always searching often wander alone into the unknown. Sometimes they meet on their way the sadness. The seeker sits down, and fills his navel with music. He feels the music, he listens to music, he senses the music in his navel and all the sadness will leave him immediately. Promise.


Enreal said...

This was one of the most beautiful things I have read in sometime. It evoked such feelings I am still trying to name them all. A truly beautifully written piece, truly...

A.V.C. said...

Simple and useful to us "wanderers"...

The loneliness can really get to you sometimes.

I guess that is why, at least in part, why I enjoy reading and discussing on forums like this. Even if our paths are very different, one realizes that we all have a common goal of sorts.

It is particularly interesting to note that it does not seem to matter from which country, culture or religion we may come. With time, we develop a common and symbolic language, because we seek company.

So we are both alone and in this together, at the same time. And that provides some comfort, don't you agree?

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Or simply to breathe in
deep into the navel
and breathe out consciously
at least five times.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, thank you for sharing your feelings. That is a great gift.

Hello a.v.c., dear wanderer. Yes to wander makes me somtimes feel lonesome, especially when the experiences are a litte far off, what people do in daily life. But to see other people searching too is light for the soul.

Dear swahilya, thank you for your practising advice, I will apply it. It sounds well.