Once upon a time

There was once an easygoing man. The man owned a treasure. The treasure was of immense value and yet he was of not much volume, since he consisted of the biggest diamonds in the world and the rarest and most precious of all existing metals. Thus he took the treasure anywhere he would go.

One day, the man woke up with the concern to loose his treasure. The man was anxious he could lose his treasure and become poor. So he put the treasure in a fixed place where he always knew where he was. But after he had done that,he could no longer leave the house out of fear someone might come and steal the treasure while he was away. Thus he hired a servant, which he sent shopping and making errands for him.

But soon he got worried his servant might poison him in order to get his treasure and so he hired a taster. Soon he was afraid the servant and the taster could plan together some evil things and thus he hired a guard, that should keep an eye on the two. Not a single day passed without a new concern followed by a new hiring.

Finally, the treasure of the man spend, because he employed so many people. The treasure was gone, the man was poor and alone, because he had to dismiss all the servants.

Poor he went through the streets of the city and he felt the easygoing once again making him regardless of his current fate. As he felt so, he saw a man sending his servant to go shopping. He went over to both of them.

"Good day, you already have a taster?"


Mark said...

There is great lessons in this story. One is that what we cling to slips through our fingers while that which we gently hold chooses to remain with us for eternity. Thanks for this story.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear mark, thank you for your interpretation. I appreciate your views very much.