Utopia of a new way to work

How would it be, if we treated each other in a new way at work. If we looked at all our working results as if it were our children and we all would work together to ensure the children of each employee the best possible opportunities for growth and the best possible future opportunities? Everyone could follow a path with heart, and the cold air of capitalism that worships the numbers would belong to the past?

Because who knows, when the last accounting entry is written, the last account is closed, and the last balance sheet is produced, whether we will have a positive or negative balance?

Members of the management would learn other practices which make it easy to ensure the success of the company.

1st For each product (child) there are one or more people who make it possible. An economy is alive, where people meet people. And people need recognition and love. Those who heed this will soon see, that a loved staff will produce lovable products.

2nd Even if the work must be profitable so that the company can survive economically, products are made of people for people. Work should always be designed so that the employees can follow a path with heart during the day. A way with heart does not mean that the work wouldn't be strenuous or difficult. It should be designed so that people can work being happy.

3rd Adult people are usually parents. They bear responsibility for the lives of their children. Is there a greater responsibility? Each adult employees should have the greatest responsibility in his workplace. His work products are his children, for which the management can empower him. Parents are free in the ways of upbringing their children. Parents are used to bring their children up with varying budgets and that means that the cost amount for the work products, despite the responsibility of the staff for their products, could be subject to the constraints of a cost accounting.

4th Management does not mean to decide for other humans. Management means to serve people. Day and night, manager should be thinking about - as a path with heart - how can I help my parents (employees) to bring up their children easier and how can I create for the children more opportunities for the future. Any good decision is based real feelings and should be discussed with the parents of the work products. Management must be emotionally.

5th Management must be responsible and treat all decisions openly and honestly. Manager, who endanger with the wrong decisions jobs and products should not fall soft. They should bear similar risks like the employees.

6th When children (products) die, then there must be an investigation, why a member of society had to die. The same applies for jobs. Rules within an establishment are always safety rules for all, that no one with his children will be harmed. Such investigations are public. More control need not be given because the order in the operation is also a task (a child) of an employee, whose well-being is cared for by the whole community.

7th If the company is attacked from market, then everybody will search for solutions from the top managers down to stock guardians of screws , because the risk affects everyone.

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