Carlito, Carlito

Anyone who has read Carlos Castaneda, has perhaps learnt of the concept of erasing the personal history. Put in my words I would understand that who maintains his personal history, takes himself, his ego too important and remains a prisoner of erroneous views about himself. Regarding to this a seeker should strive to get rid of his personal history.

Is it allowed for a seeker a to have personal history, or is otherwise the higher knowledge of the esoteric denied to him?

When I read Castaneda, then I meet at every turn of the page the character pattern of a mysterious man. These people create during their lives a mask, which they present to other people as their true ego. Most masks are very dear masks, or masks of very competent people. Mysterious men need to learn to let go of this mask and find the place inside, where their true feelings and their true intentions abide. A mysterious man may erase his personal history if he exaggerated the use of lies , if his lying has become a limiting habit that a fresh start is needed.

All other human characters are provided with direct access to their feelings and their intentions. For them, there is no need of erasing anything. Castaneda has not reflected this context because he didn't want to acknowledge his nature. Defiant he delivers his idea of a shaman student in millions of books and would like have the people to follow like the lemmings the idea of a mysterious man. Sorry Carlito, knowledge is found by the others and you always hated it, didn't you?

The personal history is the history of personal learning. It is for each human being different and wonderful and we do indulge in a feeling of importance, if we are aware of our progress, our changes and of our way. If you meet Buddha on the way, give him in a friendly way a kick into the butt.

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