The moon woman looks at me. Silence, I see a white-blue glimmer in which her body disappears. The lights seem evenly, but then my eye moves closer. It pulses, calmly breathing in front of me.

"What if the world would be no sea of lights? What if the energy flow would not be flowing? What if the world would be fixed?"

In the same moment the throbbing lights in the sea freezes and it seems to me more I look at a stone.

One moment I feel trapped in this exercise. Why should I stare in this picture? Then my perspective changes. I imagine myself as a stone, which is no longer moving, while everything around him is moving further and glides. Whether she will still be there when I will return from the stones or whether I'm only looking in the yawning throats of a burned-out universe and all life has glided past me while I was a stone looking still the last picture included in me that I saw when I froze?

She shakes me - no - it's only the picture of her shaking me, but it is enough.

"We spend a human life to become perceptual stones. Then we spend half a life to get again in the flow. Practise from time to be something that moves. A rain drop, a river, a light beam, a cloud. Movement .... movement. "


A.V.C. said...

This I like!

The moon is both the mother and the daughter. The potential for form as well as the actual chrystal.

And because she is both, she is the perfect symbol of movement.

In her fiery aspect she is highly destructive, by restricting the male force rather than exercising it herself; the forms to which she gave birth, she condemns to death by her restrictive nature.

But it is this death that entails change and movement.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. thank you for your explanations. I appreciate your views.