Cave of Niaux (France)

About two years ago I have been in the cave of Niaux in the south of France, the main season was already over and so we could with enter with hardly any people the cave, which meant that the leader had sufficient time to answer questions.

Such a cave is very sensitive and humidity of the breath of visitors and also the warmth of light, can destroy old prehistoric drawings. Therefore, only a limited amount of people is allowed for a short time into it. Here in the belly of the earth, it is as if a timeless space resides. There are no noticeable seasons inside at the end of a long corridor is located a high cave.

The wonderful drawings are so cleverly appropriate that the bellies of horses, cattle or lions, lions then it seems to have skilfully been brought into line to the curves of the rocks. The animals were painted so that when the lights were switched on they stood on the shadows.

We do not know what religious ideas the people at that time might have had, we do not know why there are in the cave at different places dots and lines left, but it must have been something special, something important for them,...

A few days ago I casually looked out the window and recognized on a hill a belly shaped structure, stirring memories of the bellies of the animal in Niaux. For a moment, my perception was confused and I saw cattle, undomesticated cattle before my eyes.

Now there is a cave in the vicinity were Neanderthals lived during the Stone Age . Whether they had left in the neighbourhood something that should attract animals? I do not know. But the relationship between the drawings in the cave and lively visualization of animals, I think is possible.

Maybe we still lack the science of archaeology meditation. That would be possibly then perhaps like this:

So reports a woman called Denton, who psychometrized a piece of a mastodon tooth, "I feel like a giant animal with heavy legs, with clumsy heavy head and a very large crude body. I'm going to a shallow water to drink, I can hardly speak My jaw is so heavy. What comes as a noise through the woods? It urges me to respond. My ears are very large and leather like ...." Source: Max Freedom Long, The Secret Science Behind Miracles

or the historical meditation, we may discover be the great history as an endless succession of private spleens from proud nobility, who knows?


Tania said...

Oh, that must have been a wonderful adventure! To be inside the earth and visit a home of our ancestors. To catch a glimpse of their life and feel the ancient energy...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear tania, yes it was wonderful. Thank you for visiting.