Guilty Feelings

Guilt consumes our energy, our wings get clipped. Guilt weakens our soul and our resistance. I think the blame has been invented to help leading people. There is always a person who, by virtue of his office and his role has no guilt.

Sometimes we meet on the job the sixties type executive, thinking of himself to be always right because he is the boss. And the ability to be chief, has been either given to you in the cradle or you won't get it. Management by accusation is popular, and how often begins at first on the job the search for a guilty instead of clarifying the issues? The best solution for the company is, in my opinion, the renunciation of coming to terms with the past = culprits search. Instead, we solve optimistic the problems, meaning finding solutions.

Many couples would prosper if instead of searching the past and scapegoats, they would look at the needs of each partner, according to each needs on a equal level. If any of the partners tries to blame the other one by producing statements such as:

  • Have you again ...
  • Can you never ever ...
  • When will you finally understand ...

Sentences ending with a ranking of the partner because of the past. Now, the counterpart has to prove in advance, has to live up to the expectations of the accuser. So guilt consumes energy, because you now may not do what you want to be happy, but will be doing what others have said would be appropriate.

The church with the 10 commandments and the confession practiced the people leadership by guilt for centuries. While the 10 Commandments were made especially for the mass of believers, the rich and powerful were above the application of these commandments. They lived a carefree life without guilt and has a decent mask turned on the outside to warrant the obedience of the people. Who would want to follow rules if the government splurges. That is now a current problem. While the diets of the members of parliament, including bonuses and generous pensions grow, they raise taxes more than ever, and benefit uninhibitedly and unconcerned by the oil speculators because taxes are raised automatically whether there are exorbitant prices or not. And who complains gets to hear accusations:

You are to blame for the taxes yourselves because:

* Your cars consume too much fuel

* You produce to few children

* You die not soon enough, will say there are to many old people around

* Your are no entrepreneurs, then what should we do for you?

Are you not fed up with it that, if others are not doing their jobs right, the will accuse you?

I know readers of my blog are all people who would not intentionally inflict damage on other people, here are my suggestions:

1st Whenever someone comes to you trying to make you feel guilty, give him a friendly kick and throw him together with the guilty feelings out of the house. There he can abide alone.

1st Whenever you feel guilty, look for such a human, who makes you feel guilty and do a little cleaning meditation in order to get rid of the guilt. It will be possible to become more and more free of guilty feelings.

All the best folks. Love and Light.


Robin said...

Great points about guilt, rainer. Especially the end bit, where you suggest doing something to get rid of guilty feelings—people can only "make" us feel guilty if our own feelings and thoughts of guilt are attracting that.

It's funny how when you feel really clear about something, no-one makes an issue of it.

Cheers - Robin

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Robin, thank you for stressing the attraction aof guilty feelings, which is an essential further aspect of the topic.

One Womans Thoughts said...

Guilt is powerful, but only if we give it life and feed it. Well spoken!