Today, an acquaintance told me that he meditates using Holosync. The Holosync method requires a one hour of sitting down and listening to music from a CD through headphones. The music contributes to the stimulation of different brain waves:

* Beta waves 14-30 Hz
* Alpha waves 7-14 Hz
* Theta waves 3,5-7 Hz
* Delta waves 1-3,5 Hz

The method is performable for anyone who has hearing, a CD player and CD's.

Now there are one million ways to open the eye for the inner light and maybe this method is one of them.

My colleague appears quite calm and balanced, he is resting in itself Whether it's the music?


Enreal said...

I am fascinated by this… for I have tried many a time to meditate and it ends in frustration… any book recommendations? I have read many books that focus on the metaphysics of Life… maybe I am not there yet. I feel spiritual, I dream vivid and beautiful dreams, I understand many things which are beyond reason and explanation… yet I can not meditate… even when I yoga…

Every person has there own path... this works for your friend... I will find my own way

Mark said...

There are many ways to travel the path.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal. When I read your poems, I do know, that your spiritual soul speaks. Maybe you are one of the blessed people who have a special way. And I am certain, you will succeed, just let it come....
I fear I have no book recommendation on holosync, but there seem to be some websites if you google it.

Dear mark, thank you for travelling today along this blog.