Dwarfs and other things

"My teacher always told me that at the other end of the universe there would be a small man who bears huge glasses and is constantly rheumy. I've obviously thought that he was kidding me. That is just a wild horse story. Then I was going to arrive more often alone in the dreams. In the beginning of a dream I always had found my teacher and had remained with him. Now I was fairly soon on the search. I was fascinated by the vastness that were reachable for me in dreams. "

"One day, when I explored the vastness of the universe, I found myself on an alien planet. The planet itself was not so bad. A purple atmosphere served up an extraterrestrial ambiance, when my attention was suddenly disrupted by a sneeze. I looked around and I saw a young man with huge glasses, so unproportioned, which blocked downright my perception. Bless you, I remarked, but the guy did not react me. He just stood there and watched me, then he went away. "

"Later I told my teacher and was very proud that he had told the truth. But he waved his hand and said that the he had not meant the dwarf on the purple planet - he had not meant him. Would be a big glasses, but they were not so huge, such as these of the dwarf at the end of the universe wears. "

"For my feeling he seemed to be slightly bossy in his tone, and I wondered why the dwarf at the end of the universe could be so important to him?" He looked at me as if my opinion now was crucial for the progress of the story.

I shrugged. "I do not know. I was never there."

"Hmm," he looked at me thoughtfully. Then he went into the adjoining room and seemed to serach a little while. Returning, he brought a small statue. A dwarf with a large glasses.

"This is it."

He presented the dwarf on the table. "I have modeled him from clay. It has left me no peace. Again and again I asked my teacher, you're sure? Look at these dwarf, could it not be the dwarf from the end of the universe? Could he not have moved from the End of the Universe to the purple planet? "

His voice was now beseechingly. Now he will start crying I thought. I felt slightly queasy.

"When my teacher ended his teachings, he said that I was the dwarf at the end of the universe. I! And then I got mad. I began to curse and rage and took the dwarf I had modeled"

He slammed me hard the model before the breast, so that the ribs hummed a little.

"Well, look, what do you see?"

"I do not know what should I see?"

"The face - you rogue."

In fact, the dwarf had his face. I was puzzled. "And what did your teacher say then?"

He laughed.

"Dreaming gives us the power to solve puzzles, but sometimes we just have to see that the solution is already there before our eyes. My teacher wanted me to say that I would find in space nothing special for my daily life. Besides the awareness of my small size and the desire to have so large glasses that I could read the 'Made in USA' label on the origin of the Big Bang memorial. And now I would like to continue this tradition. Guess what I have found at the end of the universe?"

"I do not know." I kept my ears shut, whatever it was, I didn't wanted to know.


Robin said...

Hi Ray - I enjoyed reading your story. I especially like the line "A purple atmosphere served up an extraterrestrial ambiance" (and I think the things we need to know are often right in front of us)
Cheers - Robin

ssgreylord said...

Thanks Ray for such a cool post. I like your writing style in this story. I also like the point you were trying to make. I understand how you feel.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, thank you for leaving me your friendly feedback. It makes me happy.

Dear ssgreylord, thank for understanding my feelings, it is encourageing.