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Die Große Vorsitzende

What are my favorite quotes?

Well, I do not often use quotes, so I have no favorite quotes, but some sayings I do like because they get things to the point.

"Similar conditions create similar behaviour."

How often have people around the globe the same ideas independent of each other? The public is more aware if it applies to scientists but also non-scientists experience this synchronicity that simply shows how some ideas spread, when the time is ripe. In the esoteric, we often try to feel the zeitgeist try to find for what the time is ripe.

Mark Twain is attributed to have said: "Before a man begins to love his enemies, he should start treating his friends better than before." I like this quote because it is not always easy to find in our day to day activities time to show our friends the affection they deserve. We should turn to our friends from time to time deliberately knowing their friendship could not be taken for granted.

"The man is a pupil, pain is his teacher." by Alfred de Musset.
Today I simply slept too long. Afterwards I often get headaches - so again today. Sometimes I have to learn of a letting a practice go, because otherwise it ends with pain. How wise Mr. Musset.


Liara Covert said...

Isn't it marvelous that the most useful advice often refers to simple thoughts? Human beings can evolve to have more faith. Its also nice to learn lessons from other people.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, as long as we can marvel the things we encounter, there is enough curiosity for just another day. Thank you for stopping by.