Men learning love: Turning point

Abba, Knowing me, knowing you
"The third day is the hardest day for men, the turning point. Here almost all men leave the path of love."

"But what exactly might the reason be?"

"The curse of money. On the third day, the man learns to let go whatever he owns. No matter what he looks at, and if it belonged to him a thousand times, he has to release it. This thing belongs to me. I can use it, I have access, I can never own things in this world, because there is no way to keep hold of them, except that I refuse other people access. But what is one man against the world? "

"Does this mean we should give up possessions?"

"No, only to give up consciously all feelings of possessing. A person, only having access to the world, will careful touch things. Every thing, every living being is part of a wonderful experience. On the contrary, an estate is stored, may be possibly destroyed because it pleases the owner . Men become only real human beings if they leave the feeling of being an owner behind them. They think they own the creation. They are far from it. The Creation has iron laws, which are not owned by men. "

"What do the powerful of this world when they face death? Take their possessions along? No man can do that. Only if I do not perceive things as a possession, I can see their meanings, as love point it out to me. To own nothing liberates me from a perceptual filter and the less a man owns, the more opportunities he has to go a way with love,to be a man of the heart, to carry the flame of love without conditions wherever he wants to. "

"If a man managed that, then he finds the secret of love on the fourth day."

"The secret of love?"

... to be continued...


Jenaisle said...

Hi Ray, I can see that I'm "on" today (EC widget) thanks.

One of my brothers had figured in an accident and had nearly lost his life.

He told me later than when he was on the brink of death, he realized that all the material things that he had were useless and he could not even "buy" s single second for him; that he could not even bring them with him

This realization permanently changed him when he survived that accident.

He no longer care so much about the material things that he had, and this made him happier and more at peace. There was no longer an ardent desire to own more of these material things and this led to a more relaxed and happier life.

I most especially like what you said in this article that- "There is no way we can get hold of them, except to deny other persons the use of it."

The wisdom of these words is encompassing everything, if it is to be followed then the worst transgressions like envy, greed, and jealousness, would be eradicated.

A very enlightening and wise post. Thanks for sharing.

May I ask something? is there a certain school of thought that this comes from? I am just curious. Thanks.

Mark said...

This is a great lesson and one that is so hard to learn mainly becaue it contradicts most modern society views. The truth is we own nothing and nothing is ours to possess. Thanks for this series.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, thank you for sharing this experience of your brother. Everytime death touches us, we learn and from what your write I would guess your brother is a very lovable person.

Well I think the thoughts belong to no special school but they are common to people who have learnt the art of dreaming which is only one of a hundred millions way to activate your inner master. You might find similar information while looking for example for dream yoga.
Thank you for visiting:-)

Dear mark, thank you for getting it to the point. I like the way you add it up.