Men learning love: The fire of Love

Gabriela Anders: The fire of Love

"The second day is the fire of love. Feel your heart." She takes her hands up to the chest and closes her eyes.

My heart
Your beat is a declaration of love
To my existence.
You love me
And I love you
I love you unconditionally
And I will bear your fire
I will love your fire.

She opens her eyes. "Do you feel it?"

I feel inside. I'm looking for the pounding of my heart and at first I see a kind of silent glow of a fire which flares up when I start deliberately to love the fire. A heat seizes me, my hands and legs are moving. I jump up.

"Sit down Ray, it is normal. We all feel our bodies in that way when we discover the fire of the heart. This fire you will have to endure on the second day and learn to love. It is pure energy, ever present. And the more the fire burns, the less energy you waste in everyday life. The fire successfully fight each depression and it is nourished by unconditional love. The fire of love will change your life. The fire of love enters your soul, your spirit and your body and makes every day the very miracle of miracles, the very adventure of adventures, because the fire of the heart lets you play in a lovely world, as a loving teammate. "

"The whole emotional debris like restlessness, oppression, immobility, injustice - all that overcomes the fire of the heart and one day of studying its effects in everyday life will convince you of the irresistibility of this flame, which no creatures of the world can escape just like we could not evade falling down if we jump. "

I nod, "and then what will happen on the third day?"
.....to be continued....


Jenaisle said...

The zest for commitment? without it unconditional love and the fire of love won't be able to last long.

Just making an educate guess...

I like how you have presented it step by step and small bits now and then. It allows the reader time to absorb just one concept at a time, making it simple.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena isle. I like your reasoning. The change should be permanent. Maybe zest would be a strong motivation? I think about it. Thanky your for your comment