Men learning love: Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love: Tarralyn Ramsey

She looks at me thoughtfully:

"Yes, you can. Moreover, it is a question of survival, success alone will not let the heartbeat, success alone heals not a disease of the soul, success alone will not provide true friends, success alone is a poison that destroys everything what gets in touch with it in your soul.The success is a fibre devouring flame in the wonderful energy body, fiber after fiber withers and burns until the outer shell consist of ashes. The fire consumes the men and then kills them. They are already over the precipice, meanwhile we women grasp their hands and we ask us from day to day whether our hands will be today still strong enough, or will they surrender to the gravity of money and are forever lost, having sold their life force to the devil."

"And how would I start as a man?"

"Learn unconditional love. I have learned as a woman that men need a plan, an imaginary chief, who promise them a solution for success. That is okay, I'm going to give you the 5-day plan for learning love. You're free for yourself to accept the proposal or not. But these 5 days would mean a change from man to a loving man. And would you not like to be a loving man? "

"Without question. So within one day I learn the unconditional love?"

"Yes. Unconditional love means to love the world around you without making demands, without conditions."

"But how should that work, there are people who are evil, whom you can not love?"

"Certainly there are people who are evil. But these people have a soul that is born out of love and consists of love. They have become blind to their nature, they have become blind to others. You need not love the evil in these people, you should love these people as part of creation, love them as part of the world around and then you gather the strength to defend yourself. Unconditional love is the foundation for battlesomeness. A battelsomeness which is all-encompassing, because there is a foundation that can not be questioned. An unconditional love is in line with what surrounds us and this brings us to the second day. "

"Stop, stop, I am not as quick as you might think. The first day consists exclusively in practicing unconditional love?"

"Yes, without the unconditional love we women wouldn't have survived as a people. Trust my experience."

.... to be continued. Which second step follows the unconditional love?


Jenaisle said...

Hi Ray, I like most what you said about loving those who are evil as part of creation- that's a new way of putting it...your thoughts are so deep, I have to pause to peruse them bit by bit.

The second ---(I am not as wise as you are) Would acceptance be the same as unconditional love? because that is my second. If it is the same as unconditional love, then my second would be ----but wait, all of the virtues should be included in unconditional love because when you have unconditional love, you understand, accept, forgive, tolerate, be patient, and everything.

So what is the second?

Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for your positive feedback.

I do think you are at least as wise as I am, because you have that fruitful thinking. Please forgive me, if I doesn't reveal the conten of the next post, but I am pretty sure, you have got it --- the second.

Liara Covert said...

Some human beings evolve to believe unconditional love has no gender, no features that encourage duality, criticism or self-doubt. You already have what you seek. Unconditional love is a form of unconditional self-acceptance.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, you are a profound knower of unconditional love. But how do you get there living in modern times?