5 Questions and Answers

I am under the rule of a tagger again. Luiza tagged me again.

It is about 5 questions and each 5 answers about what you want to do before death.

1: places that I absolutely want to see:

Greenland, India, British Columbia, Mystic, Petersburg

2nd Things that I am longing for to experience:

Peace in the Middle East

The first woman becomes Pope

Members of parliament receive pension in accordance with the applicable laws of the population.

The united states of Africa defeat hunger.

The AIDS virus mutates into a harmless variant.

3rd Books I am looking forward to to read

L 'Histoire de France pour les Nuls

Le Discours De La Tortue

Ne dites pas à Dieu qu'il doit faire

La Bataille d'Alger

Je voudrais que quelqu'un m'attende quelque part.

4th Movies, I still must-see:

* Attack of the killer noodles - the evil eye sausage incident.

* The Alien and broken hearts in flames

* Mutants pigs before Paris

* Longing of the robots in the gulag of capital

* Mind Control versus black spotlight from the Nirvana-versum.

5th Tag people :

Anyone who feels like it to talk to the world of his personal answers of these questions consider yourself tagged.


kaydee said...

You are most welcome to visit the India, not as every other tourist sees it! An intricate and up close view, the way the actualities of this country exist. Good luck with your wish list :)

A.V.C. said...

Dear rainer,
Those movies have interesting titles! :-)

Enreal said...

your list is great! I appreciate the locations and the places your would love to see and experience... the movies however are they really movies? The titles are a bit funny... you truly are a great Soul... blessings to you always

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear kaydee, thank you for your welcome. I am happy to hear that. Blessings

Dear a.v.c. I am happy that they please you :-) See you..

Dear enreal, no they are no real movies, some sort of joke. ;-) Thank you for visiting.

rain-bow-bridge said...

... what about the books... and by the way, the first woman to become Pope... I was born one (just a silly onomastic joke)... wondering about a vestal desiring to become a pontifex (sic!)... to go from mastering the fire to taming the water... is there any such woman, I think the game of power is played elsewhere, now, and it is not even important anymore...

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, cool questions...you are indeed in demand (smiles).

I have installed the sezwho script in the first widget of my side bar at the HTML.

Click add template at the side var topmost portion, then select HTML, paste the script and save it.

It won't be visible for many minutes. It took min more than an hour to appear.

Just leave it for a while after parting the script.


Jena Isle said...

Oh Yes, I want to visit Incredible India too. I'm fascinated by their culture.

Jena Isle said...

Look at what I typed ...lots of typos..these keypads are now going crazy, so early in the morning..that should read:

Click add template at the side BAR topmost portion, then select HTML, paste the script and save it.

It won't be visible for many minutes. It took MINE more than an hour to appear. "

I got it right this time.

Happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

Have a pleasant day.

Enreal said...

back once more...

1. New Zealand, Israel, Romania, Egypt, Ecuador
2. Peace, Social Equality, Happiness in the world, A united species, end of wars... for eternity!
3. Ayn Rand- Fountain Head, Lord of the rings trilogy (again), On the Shoulders of giants -Hawking . God and the new physics- Paul Davies. The shack- William Young (currently)
4. All the movies you listed ;)

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear rain-bow-bridge. In germany the politicians of all political parties work hard for the return of the nineteenth century.
Maybe the church will come to new power, I don't know. While I think about it, I would wish that a black woman with red hairs would become pope ;-)Have a lot of fun taming the fire.

Dear jena, thank you for giving me helpful advice. I tried it the way you suggested and contacted sezwho. In the end, it will work....
India, yeah....
Well, I think your message was quite clear to understand, but the corrected version is fine. Maybe other people have the same problem with sezwho and your comment will help us all...

Dear enreal, I like the movies that you want to look. Thank you for sharing...;-)

rain-bow-bridge said...

... dear Ray... in my country, politicians do not even have a century to return to...

... that's why I am so eager to leap into another dimension altogether...

... well, red-haired, for now...

... as for the fire, the typical weather this time of the year, here... I've had a very good training, year after year... and it's almost fun...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear rainbow bridge, to me you are a sparkling red spirit... Thank you for commenting.