How to become aquainted with yourself

Ships, which meet in the fog, may have only a guess of what happens on the other ship. How big was the ship that passed by? What kind of problem might the people there have? Were they happy, sad and why did they meet me in the fog?

How many people met Mr. Einstein, , the well-known scientist, during his life without noticing whom they had seen? I think that happened to many people.

Many people are surprised about their dream interpretations. Surprised, which messages from the unconscious comes to them. They do not know the fears and wishes speaking in the language of their dreams. Do you know yourself?

Learn to know yourself, as long as you have the opportunity to do so.

My Tips for getting yourself to know:

  • Set yourself aside together with yourself and spend time with yourself. As a matter of course you let nobody interfere in your conservation or would you admit being disturbed while meeting a loved person?
  • Pay attention to ideas and intuitions. Perhaps there is a message included from you.
  • Search for similarities between what happens to you and your latent moods.
  • Observe your mood. Be vigilant and keep looking for the Unknown. That could be a track to your unknown core.
  • Do you have a fixed picture of yourself? Let it go. Fixed images limit, what you can see from yourself.
  • Trust yourself and your inner strength. Be tolerant with you and don't rate your inner life. To open yourself would include tolerance and trust, and if you trust and tolerate your unknown inner parts, then they will reward you with hints and messages.

And now have a lot of fun while surfing.


A.V.C. said...

A very good point indeed!

The importance of getting to know yourself cannot be overrated.

But it will inevitably lead you also to the dark and painful cornes, which could be dangerous unless you are ready to face them.

Systematically applied protection measures are advisable.

Robin said...

Hi Ray - I like the way you liken meeting oneself with meeting a loved person. Also what you say about trusting our inner selves. Thanks


Jena Isle said...

Solitude would help one to delve deeply into one's self. Enter uncharted crevices of the mind and ask one's self questions that has to be answered truthfully.

I like most what you said that we should not having a fixed picture.

"Do you have a fixed picture of yourself? Let it go. Fixed images limit, what you can see from yourself."

On the other hand we could also learn about ourselves through our interaction with other people. How far can we be made angry? How deeply can we love? These could only be answered when we interact with other people.

Thanks for a very enlightening post.

Kudos to you.

Jena Isle said...

That should read ..." like most what you said that we should not BE having a fixed picture."

The keypad as usual...(smiles).


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, I found this post worth sharing with ENTREVIEW.COM. I want others to read it too. Here's the link:


All the best.

Enreal said...

Isn't it always the same? we meet and greet others, worry about 1st appearances and being socially accepted. We run our daily lives in search of something, yet that something is right inside us...

Personally I have to reacquaint myself with myself often for I feel I change often... does that make sense? This is a truly great post. I for one believe in lots of quality time with myself... and your tips are tips I shall work on also, the more ways the better...

Thank You

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. the more we look at the dark sides, the more the they shrink and loose importance.. Protection measures, that sounds interesting, what would you recommend? Thank you for your comment.

Dear robin thank you for showing me the impact...

Dear jena, I learn a lot from your professional comments, you are a truly benefactor. Thank you for your promotion.

Dear enreal thank you for talking of the change. Maybe your changes are a great gift to look at everything form a new changed point of view - isn't that a gift?

Liara Covert said...

You make valuebale points here. People can be encouraged to realize they have abilities to get-to-know themselves at their pace. Dreams contain ideas that invite self-reflection. Nobody can know you better than you can evolve to know yourself.