Affecting People

Variety of colors at the waterfall.

When I want to affect people, then I must address a topic which is important to these people. And will this topic be to me important as well?

I don't think so. Only on a very general level, the interests of all people are equal. We want to be loved, want to be full, want to be healthy, to be free from worry. If I promise the people that I know of a way of, making them full, making them lovable, freeing them from worries, then I get their attention.

And yet everyone restores to health in another way. Even the diseases are different and there is no panacea. Even the concerns are different, and there is no general solution, even the people are different and there is no type of a man whom all love.

To affect other people is essential for the survival of each of us, because who could survive today as a hermit in a modern society? Some do it - they move into the forest and live there for months. This is not to the taste of everyone. It is easy to affect other people if we accept that there is not one of us who is like the others. Facing so much diversity, I cannot expect anything of other humans, because that would mean to give up the diversity in favour of an alleged predictability.

All human beings, regardless whether they are absorbed by daily routines or not, are dormant volcanoes, where the individuality may re erupt from one moment to another. By expecting nothing, I do not lose energy in constant disappointments. But my way is richly blessed with surprises out of directions I never would have thought of.

Expect nothing - love the diversity!


Jenaisle said...

As usual, a thought provoking post. You're right, one must accept that we are unique from each other and expecting nothing is better and would prevent disappointments later.

It would even reward you with pleasant surprises.

I will remember this very significant input of yours.

Thanks for sharing such precious thoughts.

http://www.11avc11.wordpress.com said...

The paradox of expecting nothing in return for all.
I believe that this was the very way that Universe once arose.

Mark said...

We all affect each other, even those who choose to be a hermit affect others by their abscence. Accept nothing for all that is external is not us in the end.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, at the moment you
are my commentator no. 1 on this blog and I dare say, you write perfect comments. Thank you very much.

Dear a.v.c. I have to smile if I think at your suggestion how the universe might have started. ;-)

Dear mark, influencing by absence, I will think about that... Thank you.