Diversity and constant change are the hallmarks of a real world where the similarities of all people disappear, the closer we look at people. Conversely, the similarities are the greater, the more I move away from the people. But these similarities are not common for all individuals, because the rich e.g. are not interested in whether they have enough to eat. The rich take that for granted.

Spiritual paths are individual paths. The individuals are very different, and the more distance lays between an observer and that individuals, the more common ways become visible. And yet we have a Babylonian confusion of ways, not one of us tread the spiritual path of others. And if one of us tell the others about the right way, then he has an interest in luring the people from their individual spiritual path. For the Tenth e.g. the church lures people from their own individual way for centuries.

I have a particular spiritual path. Now, I can begin to follow him. Now, I can stop to follow him. I gather power and energy by having no predefined mental picture of my way. Would I already know its outcome, wouldn't be my way at his end?

No, maybe I am mistaken every day, maybe I am deceived every day, my energy will find my way. When I don't know the course of my way would it be worthwhile to argue about my course with others? If I don't know the course of the way of others what sense would it make to argue with them about their route. Enjoy the way, enjoy the experience of others. As long as you live, your journey is not over and your knowledge remains as small as at it was at the beginning of your journey.


Jenaisle said...

A spiritual journey is almosts always personal.

I agree with you that each of us has to find our own way.

But aren't we supposed to learn from each other as we find our own true meaning in life?

I believe that although we have to find "our own way" alone, we could only come to know our true selves when we interact with others.

We could not know how much indifference we can tolerate if we don't have any experience of this with other people.

We won't be able to know, if we can truly love , unless we come in contact with other people and discover if we truly can.

Thanks for a very enlightening post. Kudos to you.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jenaisle, you own a wise heart. I think all you say is true. Nevertheless shouldn't we never forget, that we don't need gurus or teacher. We learn it from other and through the dialogue with our inner 'master'. May all the kudos I gained from you come back to you seventimes.

Dear swahilya, thank you for visiting, I'll hope you feel well.