Ethical Action

"The search for moral action is the main aspiration of the people." Albert Einstein

If I concentrate myself on not harming other people - is that already morally? I think so. For the everyday life that may be entirely sufficient. But what about other contexts?

If companies pay bribes to get contracts? Does the company harm someone else if the deliverable would be of proper quality?

If politicians serve lobby groups operate at the expense of the broad mass of citizens. Last example I could think of would be the mix of fuel and biofuel so that the automobile industry could decrease the CO2 levels of their fleets. At the end only the car drivers pay all the costs. Do the politicians harm someone else?

If I do suffer, because the advertising suggests to me that I need a washboard stomach, does advertising harm me?

Some times you have to let go of the notion of a loving or ideal world, because you won't find that world outside you. What you can find are people who deal with you lovingly and with respect. Is that not enough? I do not think so.

If we have only our own mood in mind, then we just close our eyes in front of the problems of our time. If we have a splendid idea of how a better world would look like, then we are with our idea birth attendants of such a world. From time to time, I imagine this world existed already and I would live in it.


Jena Isle said...

In line with your post, May I ask a question...do you believe that the end does not justify the means?

I'm interested of what you will be answering to this.

As usual, I read this topic twice... it is a thought provoking post. One has to really peruse the thought or concept in it.

What I believe in , is that your true motivation will determine whether the act you did is good.

So, if you gave donations to the poor for the sake of being seen on TV , then it is not a good act...

Thanks for sharing.

A.V.C. said...

Dear Ray,

As I think your reasoning indicates, any search for a moral code will break down at one point or another.

Some of these codes can perhpas be looked upon as helpful tools in many social situations, but you will always find other situations where it would be just as "immoral", under any standard, to pursue that code.

Ultimately, we must strive to realize our potential as this is the direction in which the laws of nature is pushing us. Whenever we divert, we pay the price.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I personally don't think that the end justify the means. I wouldn't want to be there, where such decisions have to be made.
Regarding your example, isn't it a win-win situation for those involved? Egotism should complement each other - for me, that would be ok.

Dear a.v.c. ..whenever we divert, we pay the price.. I think that is true, but I thing these laws are more like a guardrail, there is a buffer for variation.

Jenaisle said...

Thanks Ray for the answer, so as long as no one gets hurt, then it would be okay?

Ray Gratzner said...

dear jena, at the moment that would be my opinion. Thank you for reading. ;-)

Enreal said...

great thoughts... I believe we all judge and afflict both ethical and nonethical actions... I believe the important factor behind it all is intentions... in the end it perhaps could change the world... do you believe we have the power to change the world... or is it said with simplistic intentions?