Laughter and cheerfulness

"Laughter and cheerfulness is the sky under which everything grows."
Jean Paul

The beauty of life is that it is changeable. But not every change pleases me. Because it may happen that I wake up with headaches, the car doesn't start, waste collection does not collect the garbage and .......

If I stay in my center being unconcerned about the adversity, then my unconcerned soul will find a way to a more beautiful and better world - I need only to listen carefully ....


Jenaisle said...

It is like counting your blessings instead of your sufferings, right Ray? or being optimistic that everything will be okay.

Thanks for sharing.

Jenaisle said...

Hi Ray,I have awarded you the Arte Y Pico award at my Gewgaw Writings Blog.

You deserve the award do claim it.


Atniz said...

i don't really get the point, but Jenaisle got point here. Counting your blessings instead of sufferings.. WOW

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, you are a strong person and if you listen, you hear 'count your blessings'. What a wonderful message! Maybe on another day there will be another woderful message out of your wonderful inner worlds.

Dear jena thank you for awarding me, at the moment I am rather occupied so I will write a post may be friday or saturday. Thank you very much I am happy.

Dear atniz, thank you for commenting and I agree, jena got point.