The Flaw of the Good Books

"The only mistake that the quite good scriptures have is that they are usually the cause of many poor or mediocre." Lichtenberg

I had a German language teacher, who thought of mankind as a large herd of ruminant animals. Well. Let us look around once. Sure some things are fake. Clearly, there is parroting and copying of trends and practices which are en vogue.

People feel safer in a crowd of like minded people or when they speak of things where they do not face rejection. But is this a problem of esoteric people?

No. We all make personal experiences, and the small but exquisite numbers of fine readers of my blog are esoteric sly old dogs, I have noticed casually.

Dreamer, healers, seers, teachers and other travellers read and comment here. I am grateful. (With the masculine word form, the female persons are addressed too.) Thank you.

And we all need not copy, because we own original experience, and hand on our heart, we immediately recognize the babblers among the travellers?


Jenaisle said...

Hello Ray, am I a babbler? (grins)...Perhaps I would be categorized as a dreamer.

I dream of peace. I keep imagining a world without war and tragedies, but I guess these are all part of being human.

Have I mentioned the Arte Y Pico award I have accorded your blog? Do pick it up from my blog, because you deserve it. Thanks.

A.V.C. said...

Dear Ray,

Good post.

Indeed, there is a great difference between learning and imitating.

Imitaters should consider the scientific fact that it is impossible to copy anything; circumstances will always change.

Through life, there is simply no safe route.

Samsara said...

...we immediately recognize the babblers among the travellers...

oh indeed!

well. i am sure the travelers recognize them; not so sure if the babblers could conceive of what you are talking about...

there again...maybe we wear the curse of the infp or hsp; i often envy the babbler.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I can ssure you, you are no babbler, you are a very keen thinker. So I am happy to hear that you dream too.

Dear a.v.c. well I like your last sentence.."Through life, there is simply no safe route." Thank you

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear samsara, I read you hsp post and it is worth wile reading. Thank you for this link.