Bliss in us

"The true and visible bliss lies not outside of us, but in us." Johann Peter Hebel

When I look at old photographs, then situations and people look back at me. But the images awaken truly to life through my memories. The smell in the air, how did I feel? Do I miss the people? All these feelings give me more than a photograph could ever give. When I look at the world feeling it inside, then I am often happy.


Atniz said...

Awakening post. Happy blogging

Jenaisle said...

That's absolutely true! True happiness lies within us. Our happiness should not depend on other people.

We must be able to find happiness in ourselves. " Happiness is a choice and is a state of the mind."

Thanks for sharing.

Jenaisle said...

Hi Ray, I've taken up your TAG already and posted it at Random Thoughts.


All the best!

Enreal said...

truly blissful indeed...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear atniz, thank you for visiting and commenting.

Dear jena isle, thank you for supporting the point of view of the post. Cul8ter ;-)

dear enreal, thank you for stopping by. :-)