A friend tells

"One day I was for the first time at the window to eternity. I had been told a lot of it. Parts of it I had felt intuitively. I was not so naive to think of a window like in a house. Certainly it would not be geometrically shaped and would not smell of wood and would not constitute an obstacle. "

"It was completely unclear to me why I had to visit a window to eternity. Eternity, it is said so fast then, but are we prepared for eternity? Everybody will then imagine a different picture. I of course too."

"I visualized eternity as an infinitely large room flooded with light, a hot spot. Realm of the myths and legends. Well. What then happened was, of course, was different. No light show, no silver riders. At first I arrived at a dark place with my teacher and she asked me to make myself a picture of the place where I was. "

"I saw nothing, felt nothing and fumbled. While I groped forward, everything withdrew and I felt nothing. While I listened no noise could be heard and if I did not listen, it seemed to swoosh. No matter what I tried, I did not come to a coherent perception."

"Try to see the environment in yourself," said my teacher.

"I threw a look inside and was immediately moved to tears. My parents, whom I had not seen for decades, stood there and waved to me."achieve

"Let them go, it is your desire to see them. Try to imagine the place here," said my teacher.

"I let my parents go and noticed how an environment emerged. A blue world in which everything seemed soaked with knowledge, no matter where I looked, I knew the importance of what I saw. For example, I saw an unreal angel shape and knew immediately that there was no angel, but a wandering awareness from somewhere else of the planet wandering through eternity. I was looking for my teacher and I felt her enlightenment, felt that she herself had sought and had not yet finished her way."

"Then we came back. My teacher refused every interview."

"Wait. We will talk about it when it is time…… .."

To be continued ...


Jena Isle said...

This post requires deep thinking. Eternity can never be seen and felt. At least with energy, you can feel it even if you don't see it. As usual, a post that evokes an intellectual exercise.

Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I never could give you an advice, but some feedback.
If you say never, you might create a conviction that will lead your attention in a limited direction.
If you feel eternity, who will feel it, your body? your soul?
All the best...