Solution of yesterday's tip

If you followed the tip yesterday, then I have a suggestion for you how to interpret your image.

The stone in water is the ego that chains you to one place in the world and says that you need to be there, this is your place.

The sky doesn't care for the stone, the sky does not think of him.

The fish is the will, which is based on the ego. The will could detach from the ego and float away exploring the oceans as well.

The sky doesn't care for the fish.

The river is life, he flows along, donates life, is change.

For life itself the sky does care, because the water evaporates, it rises up. The sky is filled with life. He is the trajectory of the life force, the donator of rain and storm.

How has your picture been yesterday? What were you?

Giant ego ~ large stone?
Giant will ~ big fish?
Muddy water ~ sick river?

This might not be the meanings only you can interpret what you see.


Jena Isle said...
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Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, that was indeed deep thinking. When you explained it , it was so symbolical. I like the fish most and what it represents.

I would say, I'm the fish. My ego is not that big. Thanks for sharing. It was a humbling experience. All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for commenting. Wether an ego ist big or small might not matter as long as we are able to let the fish flow.....
All the best

Enreal said...

I would have been the stone... perhaps... these are brilliant and thoughtful impressions. Makes you look twice at the scene... thank you again, this was incredibly insightful

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal,

maybe you would be a dreaming stone... creating poems in face of eternity...all the best