"From Confidentiality the most tender friendship emerge and the strongest hatred" Rivarol

If we share confidential information with another person, then we would share with him information which are given on the assumption of a loving and positive interaction with each other. We assume that the current state of the confidentiality will be durable. It is often the case. By proving that we trust someone, he will prove his confidence in return. After a while the relationship will consolidate. A band of proximity, a band of friendship has emerged.

As it is always the moment that counts, it may happen that a confidential understanding is only momentarily, not lasting. The confidant exchanges his information- perhaps after years - for his own benefit and to our disadvantage . Whether it's professional, that he exchanged goodwill against rumour or disappoints private trust and uses information for intrigue.

It is fundamentally right to trust other people. We need proximity and familiarity to feel well. To be disappointed is the price for that we are all free to choose. We can decide too to disappoint other people. And since we like to decide for ourselves, we will be happy to accept the one or the other disappointment and learn. Until next time

My tip: Expect nothing of other people, so you can be surprised only in a positive way.


Joy0z said...

Thank you very much. You don't miss to drop on my entrecard.
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Ray Gratzner said...

Dear joy0z, you are welcome and happy blogging. Rainer

Jena Isle said...

Trust is something fragile and has to be taken cared of. I trust readily that's why at times I'm vulnerable, but it doesn't keep me from trusting again.

When one finds the person whom he can truly trust, a new and lasting friendship is established. You're right that a band of friendship will emerge when the confidentiality is there.

You have such short but very rich content. If only people will absorb all the precious and wonderful gems your post contains. Thanks for being generous to share this with the blogging community. All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, it seems to me, that you have a lot of power. Power enough to trust again. Smart and I like that.

All the best Jena....