In China extinct....

Dear white-handed gibbons,

in China, you're extinct. Never again will the people see you there and maybe learn from you or simply enjoy that there are so beautiful apes.

Who wants whom to blame for. Your living space is now agricultural land and we are now 7 billion and you are now no more. Where no indicter is there is no judge.

Maybe the last of you thought: One day there will no longer live any humans, no animal on earth will fear, that it is eaten by humans, that humans change their genes in order to be able to breed with more profit, that his habitat, his life space remain untouched, that no animal will die from the remains and the waste of humans.

Oh yes, you don't think, only the humans think, the crown of creation ....

"Compassion and love are precious things in life. They are not complicated. They are simple, but they are difficult to practise." -- Tenzin Gyatso

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