Once upon a time

There was once a small country, somewhere on the earth. There was an old legend whose first narrator was long forgotten and the people in need told it each other. When God created man he gave him two gifts. Intellect to understand the nature and a spark of divine love. Thus man could do the right things with the understanding of nature, because God knew, that the mind without love would bring destruction upon the human kind.

Soon God saw that people used the mind to destroy. Some of them devote themselves to love, but they were too few to influence the other. When God saw this he contrived a ruse to bring the people back on the path of love. He created a door, a passage in the dreams of the people, to get closer to the people and to instruct them.

But no one came through the door, except those who already followed the path of love. They received the teachings of God, but they were too few to influence others. Because God realized that he gave the people another gift and he taught them to see. People could see the world and immediately recognize its meaning. And once again, only the people came who followed the love.

And again there were too few seers to influence the people. Now God turned around and went away. The seers saw it and knew why God had gone. They explained to the people, God is gone, so we are looking for him, that is his greatest gift to us, that will save us. He, who will look for God, whom he will not find in this world has received the next gift.

The people shook their heads in disbelief while they listened to the seemingly confused explanations of the seer and sought the causes of confusion, tried to explore the reasons for the disease. They were ready for every human sacrifices, because from their point of view individuals weighed less than the welfare of many.

But the seers always knew that it will be the individual who weighs more than the many. Watch out, it depends on you …


Jena Isle said...

I believe that sometimes we are too preoccupied with worldly or mundane things and forget the true reason why we are here in this world. I believe that we are here to help each other out to achieve our highest spirituality but first having the right motivation should be decided on by the individual concern, It's a personal choice. Our spiritual relationship with God is on an individual basis.We however, have to love people if we purport to,love God, because it is only through loving people that we can show our love for God.

I always marvel Ray, at how you present your ideas in a the form of myths and legends. It is amazing ,and I like the representations. Your posts makes me pause and think about the meanings of what you present. They are thought provoking. You're like a philosopher trying to explain your thoughts in simple lingo that I as a human being, would understand.

Thanks for such great insights. More power.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I see that our paths have a lot in common. It is always a personal choice, that will challenge our inner motivations and energy ressources while we love and help others.
Thank you for taking time to stop and read. All the best Jena....

Enreal said...

Great Story!!! "it depends on you..." if everyone realized how life depends on each single person... how every single soul can impact the world... think on it... can we remove our masks and see?

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear enreal, each soul counts in the end, even if there is abundance, we need every grain of love and every single person... All the best..