Immeasurable Equanimity

For the Buddhists the immeasurable equanimity is an important thing. The equanimity makes unattainable for the distinction between friend and foe. For all sentient beings the Buddhist would like to see alike love, happiness and joy. He escapes the conflict of friend and enemy and wastes no mental energy in conflicts arising from the commitment to value judgments and desire results.

The Buddhists know that equanimity does not be mistaken with ' I do not care' because that would be a form of selfishness.

There is no good unless you do it. Why not take a look at the arch-enemies in my own life and look at them as friends until a sense of equanimity appears, allowing me to wish these people love, happiness and joy in their lives .... Do I feel better afterwards ?..... Am I more in flow ... I think so.

And did not even Plautus know, " In case of tribulation equanimity is the best flavor."


Jena Isle said...

I think the adage : "Vengeance is not yours it is the Lord's", applies to this post. I do always wish my so called detractors well. No matter what they did to me. I wish them well. I remember one Buddhism saying which goes this way: "When you ensure the welfare of others, you're ensuring also your own."

Great and enlightening post!

Cheers and happy blogging.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I like your interpretation and I like the way you practice your insights in daily life. Thank you for sharing.

Kalilea said...

I'm glad I saw this passage in your writings - it seems to be an excellent one to keep in mind. A kind deed to others is also one to yourself as you have allowed yourself to give.