Sexuality and Partnership I

She looked at me and started a new dialogue. "Sexuality, my dear, is a thorn in the flesh of humanity. We all live our lives and feel this urge in us to seek a partner and give birth to children. Would not we all be infinitely free if we were able to follow this urge without the help of a partner? "

"Do you think it's so bad to have a life partner?" I asked.

She waved my question off. "It's not about bad or not bad, this partner or that partner, because you remember that feelings can be chosen. There is no power on earth which can deny me to chose my feelings as I like to. By the way, what power on earth would miss the feelings of a women? I do not know of any power on this earth that attach to human feelings a special value and the reason is, that people in power have to leave their feelings behind on their way. It is simply a question of power. Who wants to make decisions for others will not appear in the mask of feelings, otherwise his teammates would rank him low, weak. "

"Cold calculating and reckoning and to do possibly things, to say things which please the masses, that is the world of the powerful who work with the acceptance of others."

"Why do I say this? Because it so often is that men make a plan for a woman to win. Do this and her heart blossoms, do that, and she wants you close, do a third and she want to get in bed with you . As long as these ideas, this plans match with the personality of the man, as long he is honest and trustworthy. If a man wins a woman with means that he personally do not stand for, then he is on the path of Seduction, he goes the path of manipulation, the path of power. "

"And if only one lie of seduction leads later to two lies to prevent the detection and two lies for the continuation of the exercise of power, then the young connection will soon become a web of lies. Women discover sooner or later every lie, so why take the risk of detection in the future why not choose a woman as partner who voluntarily stays? "

"How much more will a person feel loved, if he is loved as he is? Would it not better to renounce each display and impressing and see who crosses your way, who will visit and then stay overnight? "

I nodded thoughtfully. "And why do not men behave like this, possibly because they have other women in mind than that which would remain with them?"

To be continued ...


Jena Isle said...

Such deep and thought evoking post. I have to stop and think first. Where do you get your ideas Ray? They're so beautiful and profound. Thanks for sharing.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, well I blush again. The author of the kalinga man makes me feel happy....All the best..