Sexuality and Partnership II

"Yes, this is the point. Women see with the heart. A small unimpressive man with a golden inner life is in the eyes of a loving heart a wealth of everyday life. And it may be a small man, perhaps, who would want to consort for the sake of his male ego a blonde woman with big breasts and a small rear, to appear as larger, more important before his male friends, who would not reach such a woman despite their physical superiority. "

"In other words, men compete with each other for superiority and influence with the mean of the physical characteristics of women. Male competition games having success criteria such as: who's who how often beaten, who flings the stone higher, who has the biggest biceps? And like that they cover the bodies of women with criteria too. Chest size, waist circumference, hair color, skin texture and more. This is not the heart, through which the men look, it is the eye armed with a set of criteria. "

"And so it may happen that a woman sees a man with the heart and failed to see the truth because they were not looking out for seduction, deception, to increase the attractiveness of the male ego. This will be the basis of numerous struggles and disappointments, which nobody really foresees at the beginning of a relationship. "

"That a women chooses her own man is certainly not uncommon. Everything a woman has to do, is to find out whether her husband has a small ego and how much his competitiveness with other men means to him. If his ego is a little weak, she can help him to feel whole as a man .. "

"There is a difference with women, who find themselves in a relationship because they shall support the ego of a man. If she leaves, he would deprived of his manhood, perhaps he would be badly in the lurch. Or, if they grew older, ther willbe other women matching his ego criteria better. His lack of interest in her, expresses his suffering of his dwindling masculinity will cause her problems. What to do, if they had lived with a man for several years together and may be children have sprung from the relationship. Love is no longer the basis of the relationship, but the preservation of the relationship, the possession of a partner along with many bad compromises becomes the centre of life. "

"Children of single mothers have it harder in life and in this way can the love of children very quickly become a real replacement for the former fake love of the man."

To be continued ...


Dolly's Diary said...

I posted an award for you on my blog, I really like your blog,
Thanks for your perspective on spirituality.
Janet :)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray, the initial attraction between a man and a woman starts with the physical for many. For me, it starts usually with the wit, if he can hold my interest, then I'm hooked. It is not uncommon for men to measure the good qualities of a woman through her body measurement. 36-24-36? (smiles) But you're right. as time passes by things take a different dimension and if the bond is based on flimsy grounds (like physical only), then the relationship crumbles.

Thanks for a very enlightening post. I had to stop several times to ponder on the meaning of the message.

All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear janet thank you for your warm words. i will have a Look at the award....All the best...

Dear jena, you have a smart way to put it in a few words. Yes I agree. Thank you for commenting All the best.