Sexuality und Partnership III

But who has ever made the law, the a married couple must be lovers. If they would get along well in everyday life and live harmoniously together, then there must be no love, which connects them. In earlier centuries, people knew of no reason why the love between married people would prevail. Love was assumed to exist outside of marriage. "

"If men and women are stuck in a committed relationship, which is set for the moment and no one questions it, how can they find love, happiness and fulfillment in the hearts and how can both partners find a satisfying sexuality?"

I shook my shoulders. " It ss like squaring the circle, how can there be fulfilment without love?"

She smiles at me. "You want to be sweet, or cute. But it doesn't help here, because the bourgeois ideal of love, this is a long time based feeling. But we don't look here into the future that you may not know, at least not with the means that are currently available to you. We are talking about a time now. And at this moment we can learn to love or hate. It is up to us what we make from this moment and two partners who live in a moment can decide themselves for each other and may discover their current love, which will never have a greater future than now. Visualize just once the purified feeling of love. Without the administrative burden of the morning. What a bureaucracy of accounting. I have smiled at you four times means I love you, but only twice I feel neglected? "

"Basically, the ego of man and the bourgeois love are monsters in the service of the management of property. Everything is justified from the future and should help us in the moment to hide our real and intense feelings. Everyone can love each other and there is nothing bad in a moment to experience love with a human who is perhaps mistaken about his male ego. As long as he can give love this moment, then everything else in the future is pure speculation. "

"Let us have a look at these feelings, the true feelings of the moment. The human species wants tol survive and it has filled the act of reproduction with pleasure. How clever. The moment is stronger than the forecast. When I see men, then I see the command inside them to father children. Every day they want to father a child. This may be the reason why men is said that they were very much controlled by their sexual drive. A woman seeking a sexual partner and only looks at the moment will thus be able to find enough sexual partners. "

"But what about women?"


Jena Isle said...

I speak for myself; I seek for companionship and not just a sexual partner. I seek for the emotional attachment that goes with the relationship. I can never make love to a person whom I don't- at least - feel emotionally attached to.

I can't quite imagine love existing out of a commitment. Commitment is actually a part and parcel of love. It is not love if the desire to commit is lacking.

This is my personal belief. Thanks for a thought provoking post - as always.

All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for your personal points of views, which betrays a noble soul. Seeking for companionship is a good quest to get things in order...;-) Allt the best and lots of love..