Sexuality and Partnership IV

"In women there is a command too, namely, to to ovulate or to give birth to a child .. Why do I choose other words as in the case of men, because to ovulate does not mean to make love every moment. Women own the means men have the urge. Their rhythms are different, but if the rhythms coincide, then it comes to unification. "

"That means first and immediately, that men need to feel the rhythm of a woman need to learn about this and they must respect the feelings of women and take them seriously. At the same time, men learn to slow down their own pace. The rhythm can be well redirected to other occupations as required, redirecting as for example to the creation of works. But slowly - slowly - we now examine the basics. "

"A spiritual well-functioning partnership has three basic pillars upon which the relationship can be based. First. Every conscious being feels the urge to understand. This urge to understand we should learn to direct it to the other partner. Anyone who understands the other partner will not automatically understand himself, but he has learned what we must do to get to know strangers."

"To get to know the unknown, we can not apply fixed ideas, or we see only what we want to see. How would it be in the morning, to forget with whom you have a relationship, to experience the partner all day long as a stranger. How does he affect you as a stranger? Are there things that you do not understand? What would you ask a stranger that you wouldn't ask a familiar person. Forget, who it is with whom you live and get once again aquainted. If you've noticed that you discover completely new qualities ofyour partner, then you can proceed with you as well. Forget who you are. Discover youself as a stranger. Question trifles, why are you doing it and find out why you might like yourself. Thus the partnership changes to a common path of discovery, neverending, because the seer knows of the nature of man that his energy is always changing. You will see that every day you will get up with a new person, that even a single dream will change the delicate color of the soul irreversibly. The spiritual partnership knows no known partners. The well-known partner is the prison of routine, is the detention for those who learn the issue of security and trust in life. Prisons inspire the outbreak, wide halls invite you to linger. "

To be continued ....


Jena Isle said...

This is like saying: "Familiarity breeds contempt." When we live for long years with a partner, we tend to get used to him/her and start taking them for granted. The message of the post is wonderful, to see your partner as someone new every time you wake up so that you'll be excited to discover the new in him/her.

Thanks for a very inspiring message....this should be read by couples or husbands and wives.

All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, the daily routine of a partnership is one of the disguised enemies of love. Let us unmask that fellow... All the best