Sexuality and Partnership V

"The second cornerstone of a spiritual relationship is the common work. He and she have children together. That can be real, cuddly, sweet, annoying children, but it could be virtual childs too, such as writing, art, church, the association .... and what else. A partnership has always a common child around which the partners circle. Some relations would break if the children leave home, or if the partner don't want any longer to have a child together. "

"That means, in a spiritual partnership he and she meets each others as in a public community with respect for the abilities of others, with an exchange about the child, with a joint interest to let the child grow best. If we see older people who do not have children, then we should all pleased. By the new children of these elderly we all will benefit, will benefit the community of all people "


Jena Isle said...

Yes, children are vital links in a relationship. Common interests too and shared hobbies. Thanks for sharing these nuggets of wisdom.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, you are my no. 1 comment writer. Thank you for giving me positive feedback. All the best.

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