Sexuality and Partnership VI

"The third pillar of a spiritual relationship is the silence. They share jointly and respect the silence. The silence may be the private circle, the rest after a creative period. The silence is the recreation in the partnership. It is not the silence which means that I have nothing to Say ... It is meant the peace and the connection to infinity and eternity that we mortal beings carry around with us in form of an umbilical cord. In a partnership, we are aware of the silence, the meaning of silence and that it becomes quiet. "

"In some relationships the partner will not bear the silence. The free floating in space and time is understodd as an attack on the life of the relationship. Zealous activity, compulsive empty ritual may be the result. The silence comes, the silence passes by and the relationship remains . Who respects these fundamental pillars of a relationship will better understand what happens in 'forced marriages' and voluntary marriages. "

"In the west, the current ideal is that the people of free will form a relationship with each other and I am very close to this ideal. But when the relationship begins, do the partners get to know each other without an image of each other, do they want to have children together, do they respect the silence? "

"Could a couple, brought together by the parents, achieve similar conditions? Can the two, without a picture of the other get to know each other, can they have children. Do they respect the silence? There is an opportunity to find a way from the dictatorial situation into a loving relationship, when both of them wants to find the way to love. "

"Imagine you were a member of a small group of thirteen people. Yo do not know more people and you will perhaps meet no more people for years. You need the other twelve for survival. Hatred is a luxury that would turn your life with the twelve into a hell. Love is the ability to live with the twelve in a paradise. "

"Just say to yourself, He twelve, wherever you are and whenever you hear me, you need me and I need you. One way of love brings us together at the door of happiness, hatred could be our fall."

"Thus would perhaps humanity failed on hatred faile in the early hours, if there were not the capacity in each of us to show the other the way love."

"Capability? Each? How?" I asked astonished.

To be continued...


Jena Isle said...

The lesson from this post is a gem...silence - is golden... I agree, that a genuine partnership should now and then live in comfortable silence. Even if they don't talk they still understand each other denotes that couples are already in a higher plane of their relationship.

To decide to love people will indeed make your life here in this temporary existence as a paradise...otherwise it would be a living hell.

You always have significant information which are nuggets of wisdom if everyone gets to read them. I wish all couples would be able to read these.

Keep on posting.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for your encourageing comment. I do hope these post will be a motivation for couples... All the best Rainer