Sexuality and Partnership 8

"Reagarding sex, there is a significant point where you can orientate yourself. The key point is simply the ability to let your partner orgasm and wish him or her to be successfull in that. It is not understood that the partners feel pleasure. Many religions tried to bring the sexuality of the people under control and tried to see evil in the sexual desire. In my view, this position may be harmful for the energy flow of the body, regarding pure energy balance. "


"This is quickly explained. The sexual energy is generated in humans in another place as the love. The flow of love runs down in the middle of the body from the solar plexus and rises at the back again. The flow turns a head high over the head back and falls like a small waterfall in the solar plexus. When the love affect the sexual energy", she puts the hand between her legs, "has the energy already has made some way through the body. If sexuality is suspended or banned, then a part of love is suspended or banned too. The human being is weakened, more vulnerable from outside influences. That is why in some religions or sects the people are put under the command of human laws. "

"From this reasoning, you can not infer that people should constantly have sex with each other, so that the flow of energy is not disturbed. Rather, it is so that women have a different rhythm in the sexual energy than men. Whether husband and wife sexually unite is a free choice of both and regardless of the constant flow of love. The love revolves throughout the body. The sexual energy does not. The sexual energy remains within the limits of the physical body and it creates a tension in the sexual organs of the people. If the power is suppressed, it may lead in the sex organs to somatic results. While the love covers the body, including his sexual organs, the sexual feeling covers the function of sex organs and thus almost everything is said. "

"If I allow and wish my partner to orgasm, then love, dreams and imagination combine with each other. If two people make love, it is important that they respect the limits of love, and do nothing, in which one of the partners could no longer love himself. While we give our partners the feeling, you will be loved, even with your sexuality, we will do nothing that the partner would not do out of love. Because if we humans do something that we do not love, then we are not able to love ourselves. The river of love stops, we have moved the partner to a limit of love. "

"Men and women have a different rhythm, often the man is the pressing part. May he push his partner because of his physical state to do something although she does not like it? From a spiritual perspective, he may not. He should occupy his sexual energies with his virtual childs (mentioned in posts before). Until the woman is in the mood he should enjoy his own his body - which is difficult for people whose religion says that self-satisfaction is a sin. See Onan from the Bible. "

"When the pressing part belongs to a religion that prohibits masturbation, sometimes there will be claims against the partners. Anyone who does so should realize that he moves his partner at the border of love and if he pushes this repeatedly, the relation may break. "

"Instead, we can wait for the right opportunity, we can look forward to it like for a good meal, we can imagine the good food. Sexual daydreams in which the partner appear, can provide valuable suggestions about the sexual desires of the partner. Is there a loving and non-violent and relaxed relationship, then the partners will tell and exchange their sexual daydreams. Often what they dream will not be similar to the experience in reality, but the exchange and the process of comparison will lead the partners into a playful sexual world in which pleasure will be constantly changing. "

"As the sea again and again surges to the shore but no wave is similar to another, sexual fantasies in the quiet daydream may calmly move back and forth while approaching the shore, the sexual union. Rolls the wave (daydream) against the land the wave gets bigger and bigger until it flips-over and breaking in white foam. "

"Sexuality is a lifelong process which goes on being middle-aged and aged and there can be said much from a spiritual perspective.

To be continued ...


Jena Isle said...

I agree with all of this post's thoughts. How true, it speaks of how sex in love could strengthen and nurture it.

Indeed the sexual part of love should be a willing union between to people who do it because they truly love each other.

That would be the ultimate love making.

Great post Ray, I couldn't have said it better.

All the best and Happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

That should read: BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE WHO DO IT....

Sorry for the typo, the keypads are acting up again..lol..


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for commenting and sharing your opinion in your likeable way. I will happy blog on..
All the best too...

Liara Covert said...

Relationships evolve in ways you do not anticipate. Sex can be an act of deep intimacy that enriches the soul.