Sexuality and Partnership 9 and End of series

"When people grew old sexuality will stay part of their life. Neither will be women less attractive, nor will be men less popular. People get wrinkles and little ailments, but if they do not look upon their age as something evil, then the age allows them a new perspective on sexuality. "

"Women can have fun without needing to be afraid to become pregnant. Men can have fun without confusing the bed of love with a sports competition."

"When I see the age, Ray, then I see that the fibres of the people are energetic as ever. The energy body does not age, but older people feel spiritually weak, because their body is weaker, feels differently. And what is age teaching the people? To enjoy the moment, not all can be done at once and to approach things with caution. What a beautiful thing, if we combine such virtues with the best pastime in the world. "

"Yes", I nod. "I knew old people who maintained an intense love- life. Even the enamouredness should feel as if you were young."

She nods. "Yes, age is not an enemy. The age is similar to the death a friend, because it teaches us to feel and use the energy body. The older body feels more, feels more than the young body. My advices to you, if you once will be old:

1st Enjoy every moment and listen to your inner voice. The older you get, the more it has to tell you. Older inner voices are wise and talkative.

2nd If you meet an older person, close your eyes and visualize him only for a brief moment as a flash, or a light ball. The spiritual body of elderly people tells the truth about the people you meet. What a man loses in youth, he wins on the energy level. Remember to look at you the same way before your inner eyes.

3rd Regarding love, be unreasonable to follow your heart however old you might be like. There is no age in which no heart could be broken, not a year, this could not be consecrated to love.

4th When you get older, let your body speak. Let him go as he wants, let him stand like he wants. Don't direct yourself according to ways, or seats. Old people are magic and if you mind the magic, then your body flies away with you .. "

She smiles ....


Jena Isle said...

I like this Ray, to see old age as growing in wisdom...very good teaching. I felt happy about this post,,,because i'm growing old..he he he...and it made me realize that I should be thankful that I'm growing older...

Thanks for an enlightening post. All the best.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, well I can't believe that you feel like growing old. Please do enjoy your age... Thank you for commenting All the best too..