John Lennon

John Lennon allegedly have said: "If you have wasted time and had fun while wasting time, then the time was not wasted."

"I hereby urge all my readers to waste much time today and have fun.

Forms yourself an opinion, what counts more fun or useful activity? In the Middle Ages, there was a time when a day taller needed only one to two days a week and he had earned enough to live on the rest of the week. Guess how long they have worked? True one to two days ....."


Jena Isle said...

So I won't be working today. I have more fun blogging...lol...
Of course, you're absolutely right. Work also can be fun. If you enjoy what you're doing, then it's not work but fun.

They often asked me how could I find the time to blog when my day job requires so much from me. Don't I get tired? Well, I don't because blogging is fun and I'm enjoying it. There is no effort from my part.

Thanks for reminding us of this vital fact.

God bless and happy blogging.

Tracy said...

I guess the question is what is your true purpose in life. If your true purpose in life is being happy (as perhaps it should be) then having fun is not a waste of time as it leads you towards your goal. Sometimes we define a goal for ourselves and think that anything that doesn't take us towards it is just a waste of time. But sometimes that goal isn't the best one for us, and sometimes the path to that goal is not along the path we thought we should take. Being happy and having fun is probably the best indicator of success that there is.

Mark said...

Lennon was so wise.
There is no wasted time, only a perception of such.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, so blogging is a way with heart for you? The you are a good example for John's statement.Thank you for telling this. Happy Blogging.

Dear tracy, you are right to think about goals and their priorities. That fun might be an indicator of the right way, I like that idea. Thank you and all the best.

Dear mark, thank you for visiting and commenting. All the best.