Onam celebration

On Saturday I was on an Indian harvest festival, the Onam festival. Indians from Kerala celebrated and invited everyone to participate. The event took place at the European School in Cologne.

Indians are soooo nice. There was a great vegetarian meal which was with regard to the German guests not flavored too hot. I guess the Indians fed 500 people during 1.5 hours - everything was super organized.

In the entrance area the Indians had made from petals a beautiful fragrant picture, beautiful and ephemeral.

The Indian women had dressed up to the nines and wore the most beautiful saris. Situated in Cologne, there was for a few hours a warm and intense Indian atmosphere, filled with entertainment. Indian singing and Indian dances - Indescribably lovely. Beside these art presentations I was deeply impressed by the elegant and friendly nature of the Indians, amidst their many children playing, a wonderful evening, an experience I shall not forget soon. Thanks to the Kerala Samajam Cologne club.

And when you hear next year, Onam festival .... Do not think about it ... Go and see!


Lucy Lopez said...

What a blessing to have experienced the Harvest Festival! May the celebration of abundance remain with you always :-)

Jena Isle said...

That's wonderful. Their culture, just like ours is rich and varied too. Have you ever attended what theyc all the Diwali festival? I think, it's beautiful too.

Thanks for sharing. Happy blogging.

ssgreylord said...

thanks for sharing your experience. it sounds like something i would love to participate in...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear lucy, well I agree, it feels like a blessing. ;-) All the best Rainer

Dear jena, I will be looking for diwali festival. Maybe I'll have to travel to India....Happy blogging too and thank you for your comment. Rainer

Dear ssgreylord, I am happy that I stirred your appetite... All the best rainer