Today I visited Castelnou. Unfortunately, my connection to the Internet is so bad here that my attempts to upload pictures all have failed. I will load some pictures up later.

Somewhere in the French pampas there is a little old village, dominated by a castle or fort ...
It's fun to walk uphill in the sun through the small paths that only pedestrians can use. Pottery, jewelry and medieval flair mingle with old houses. Wine with red foliage climbs the walls up. What might the medieval people here have done to enjoy themselves?

In a week where the stock market value dropped by 20% my personal experience are something that I will not fall in value.


jenaisle said...

You're right of course. How sad, millionaires turned to paupers, just within days. Well, that's life for you.

Have a grand time and share your pics when you come back.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Ray... I live in the US and I find more and more people becoming depressed, angry and even suicidal due to the stock market... Does that mean life is less valuable? Thank You for this... it reaffirmed my beleifs