The great passage

It's that time again. I stand next to a tree, where a hundred voices chirped. In addition, a tree and another. The birds gather again for the passage and they move in swarms across the sky, circling and turning, and they awaken in me a feeling of freedom and joy.

I think they are happy that they will journey gain, move again. Change of air .....

If they do not fly, they have a difficult time ahead. they might be hungry or the cold winter might harm them.

Is there a meaning for me here? Sometimes an inner voice, an urge say to me, that time has come. That it is time for a change and if I do not follow this desire, then I will have a hard time?
The birds are well off, all the birds gather at the same time, fly at the same time in the south and then again in the north. Because they are many, they can as a swarm protect themselves even against birds of prey.

As a human, I feel often alone when facing changes. There is no swarm at the same time undergoing the same changes - or is there?


Dolly's Diary said...

I really like this post. I know what you mean about changes and feeling alone. I have felt that way this year. Mabye though we are not alone, I would like to think the spirits of my loved ones are all around me, giving me the strength to adapt to changes I must face on my journey.
Thanks for sharing,
Janet :)

jenaisle said...

You're not alone Ray, although physically you might be, your readers are one with you in spirit. Perhaps you are tasked to a higher calling, to write more article for people to read, I mean not only in your blog but in the web.

Cheers and God bless.

A.V.C. said...

Beautiful imagery.

The ages change, and so do we all.
More or less syncronized.

From a distance part of a whole, but up close so desperately alone.

Like single quantums of light, in a massive beam.

But this feeling of loneliness,
is perhaps just something we have to experience when we finally and truly start growing up.

Just before our ego realizes it will have to let go.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ray... this was sent to me by email... I signed up to "The Universe" and get daily messages... they make me think... I went back and found this one for you...

It's all so precious,
I mean, just look around you right now. In your office, your neighborhood, down the street. Do you see any of your seven billion fellow adventurers? Do you at least know they're there, whether complete strangers or close friends?
And to think that every single one of them have forks in the road of life, just up ahead, that even now swiftly approach. Adventures and choices that will take them, at least temporarily, out of sight, beyond reach, and eventually, closer to "home." Yet until then, they're so incredibly near, you have so much in common, and there are still stories to tell.
Treasure every beautiful second.