Recently, during a break I came into the conversation with a colleague. It was about appraisal. Once a year there is an evaluation of job performance. The colleague had received the best rating, which he may receive.
He was disappointed that other colleagues had received a best assessment too, without delivering a comparable performance like him. The colleague was annoyed, shook his head and loudly expressed his dissatisfaction. "Compared with me, what my colleagues have done was as little, as if they had brought a package from an office to the next," he said.

Obviously my colleague did not enjoy his best appraisal. If it were a value for him
not to stand in the way of the good fortune of other people, he could enjoy his success and the success of other colleagues would please him too. He would feel double happiness. So he feels only anger - his decision.


jena isle said...

I don't understand how one cannot rejoice in the good fortune of other people. If they earned an award with lesser effort than what we have exerted then they're lucky, we should also be happy for them. The generosity of the giver of the award should not be questioned as you have been given too what is due to you.

I remember one story from the bible in which workers were sent to the fields. The owner of the field had made an agreement with the first workers that he would give them $1 (just an example) a day.

Later, more workers arrived and the owner made them all work in the fields. After the day was done, he gave them all their salary. The first workers were complaining why they had the same wages as the last workers who came in late.

The owner said: "Didn't we agree that I'll give you $1 a day? I have made good on that agreement. How come you are complaining now, just because I decided to be generous to the rest?"

With the good fortune of others, we should rejoice. Ensuring their welfare is also ensuring our own welfare in the long run.

People who wish the best for others will also receive the same things.

Thanks for sharing this positive and very important message.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, thank you for telling the story from the bible.
Your story supports my opinion.
And I do hope many people will be able to be happy for the good things happening to others... Happy Blogging...